Ms Lim has been giving private tuition to JC students for many years and every year, more than 90% of her students score A/B in Economics at the GCE ‘A’ level exam, with distinction rate ranging from 70 – 80+ percent.

* To safeguard students’ privacy, their full name will not be disclosed.

Excel Economics is the best economic tuition in Singapore to me. Ms Lim is an outstanding tutor and mentor. There is no doubt that Ms Lim is capable of guiding her students to excellence and she has a long line of highly successful students to prove it. Her determination and dedication helps her maintain extremely high teaching standards for herself. As a tutor, she was always at the top of her game. When I attended her lessons, I was assured that Ms Lim always put my learning as her top priority. I knew that I had the freedom to ask as many questions as I needed to make sure that I understood everything correctly. There was always a clear plan about what to achieve and she was always ready with all forms of learning material. Her knowledge of what she taught was impeccable- she not only helped me with all of my questions but she also challenged me with questions and concepts that ultimately furthered my learning. Ms Lim’s immense teaching experience showed whenever she taught me. Her explanations were clear and succinct; she was acutely aware of my learning progress; and she was hence able to tailor her teaching accordingly. This all meant that Ms Lim helped me to greatly accelerate my learning. Above all, Ms Lim was passionate about what she taught and was genuine to everyone she taught. I definitely felt Ms Lim’s sense of purpose whenever she taught and that every student meant something to her. You could feel that she makes it her personal mission to make sure that her students do well. To me, that meant more than anything and simply drove me to do better. Ms Lim is a fantastic tutor and I would highly recommend her to anybody who is searching for one.

- C. Oei, RI (JC)

Dilys, I would like to thank you for all you have done for Jon. I’m grateful that you journeyed with him till the final exams. You have been so patient and understanding. Thanks also for taking my friends’ kids.

- Parent of Jon, ACJC

Thank you!! Couldn’t have done it without you!

- T.Ong, ACJC

Hi Dilys, just want to say a big thank you for helping the boys in their Econs last year. Both the boys did very well. It is really thanks to you that the younger one got his act together for his Econs….

- Parent of T & M Ho, Anglo Chinese Schools

Dilys works very hard and is a miracle worker! My son managed to get an A for Econs and this is another proof that Dilys is the best! My son is a kid with special needs and many immediately discount his ability, but Dilys did not. This is very worth mentioning because it takes a heart of gold to make that difference. I’m sharing this as I would like to encourage other parents with special needs kids that it is possible with kind tutors like Dilys.

- Parent of F. Kang, TPJC

Thank you for carrying me from a U in my first year(without tuition)to a solid A in my A levels! Truly a caring teacher that takes the extra step for her students:)

- R. Yeoh, CJC

Ms Dilys, I’m really grateful for your help within this short period of time. Thank you! Wouldn’t have gotten an A so easily without you 🙂

- C. Yeoh, HCI

Dilys, I just to thank you for taking in my son under your wings and did you best to help him in his H1 Economics. Don’t worry about the results, I really appreciate your help in encouraging him. 

- Parent of L.Chia, ASRJC

Thank you, Ms Lim. I got A for econs 🙂 Thank you so much for helping to polish my econs to an A, really so thankful for the fun and engaging lessons. Thank you for helping me become more confident in my H2 economics, and also answering all my out-of- syllabus questions to satisfy my curiosity. I really enjoyed your lessons and economics is probably something I want to study in Uni!

- A.Pang (HCI)

My Son, Charles, scored an A for ‘A’ levels Economics and we are very grateful for Ms Lim’s expert tuition. Her teaching is most meticulous and her love for the subject and for teaching enhance the learning experience of the student. Charles’ interest in Economics increased tremendously through Ms Lim’s lively interactions. Before Charles started having tuition with Ms Lim, he actually scored an ‘S‘ for his test. However, just a few months of lessons with Ms Lim and his grade was elevated to a ‘B’. 

- Madam Ong, Parent of C. Oei, RI

Ms Dilys Lim is a caring and dedicated teacher who never tires in friendly teaching and clarifying concepts. With her class, she always tries to make her lessons as interesting as possible by using examples and telling relevant jokes and facts. So my classmates and I would look forward to attending her lessons where the warm and academically rigorous atmosphere is present. Her patience in teaching both the stronger and weaker students has helped many students in their work.

- Benjamin, HCI

Hi Miss Lim, thank you for these two years of teaching me economics. You have been a really patient and encouraging teacher, and I am really grateful.

- C.Ng (RI)

Ms Lim, thanks for your helpful Economics lessons last year! I have developed an interest in this subject!

- R. Wang, HCI

I just want to say, thank you so much, Ms!

I couldn’t get an A without your patience and kindness in teaching our class, giving detailed explanations in almost every exercise! It is a big pleasure and fun to be in your class and I have learned a lot. May God bless you always, Ms. Once again, thank you. This is the best economics tuition I have ever had.

- Fransisca, Private Candidate

Thank you! I got an A for Econs! I thought an A was out of my reach. Thank you for your patience and guidance!

- Abigail, MJC

Hi Dilys, I would like to thank you for helping my son in Econs. He got an A grade! Didn’t disappoint us with all your hard work coaching him. A Big Thank You!

- Parent of D.Q.Khoo, SRJC

I improved a lot under Ms Lim’s teaching and scored an A at ‘A’ levels which I thought was quite impossible given that I was a consistent ‘U’ in school tests and exams before starting on econs tuition with Ms Lim in April of JC2. I’m really grateful to Ms Lim for her patience and guidance as well as her mastery of the ‘A’ level content and appreciation of how economics can be applied to real world contexts. Thank you so much!

- Anonymous (on student's request), DHS

Hi Dilys, K got an A for economics. His best subject in the A levels. I really would like to thank you for laying a good foundation for him. He has improved so much in his H2 economics ever since you started coaching him.

- K.Lim, CJC

Ms Lim is one of the best if not best econs tutor I’ve ever encountered. She is knowledgeable and extremely well-versed in the subject, and is so experienced that very often, she is able to pre-empt misconceptions students have and ensure we avoidconceptual errors right from the start. Like she always says – “ once students learned the concepts wrongly and internalised the misconceptions, it’s much harder to correct”. I’m very fortunate to have found Ms Lim and today, I’m able to further my education in a local uni. I had done really badly in my economics tests/exams before I had tuition with Ms Lim. With her expertise and very patient guidance, I was able to do well in the GCE ‘A’ level economics exam. Thank you, Ms Lim!

- A.Quek, CJC

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