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Singapore’s Fiscal Stimulus

Singapore’s Fiscal Stiumulus 2020**** Singapore is experiencing its worst contraction of GDP since independence. In response to the health and economic crisis, the government has implemented an unprecedented fiscal stimulus that draws heavily on the country’s reserves. It is apparent that the spending focuses on preserving jobs, knowing that Singapore’s Government spending, albeit very large […]



Oil Crashes by Most Since 1991 as Saudi Arabia Launches Price War

The implosion of an alliance between OPEC and Russia triggered a hefty cut in oil price by Saudi Arabia, and hence launching a price war against Russia in a bid to retake market share. Why didn’t the stock markets cheer the lower oil price which theoretically will decrease the marginal/unit cost of production and boost […]



Singapore’s Budget 2019

Singapore Budget 2019 Singapore’s budget 2019 will only have a mild expansionary effect on the economy but policies will build a more inclusive society. In the long term, Singapore will be able to achieve sustained and sustainable economic growth that is inclusive.

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