H1 Economics Tuition (8823)

At Excel Economics, we do NOT combine H1 and H2 Economics students into the same tuition class. The scope and depth of coverage, as well as exam format are not the same for the two and hence, lessons are tailored-made to ensure students acquire the right content and skills to score well in their respective paper(s).

Lesson Structure
  1. Concept Clarification
  2. Case Study Skills Development
  3. Review of Students’ Written Work


The syllabus is intended to provide the basis for a broad understanding of economics, within half the curriculum time of the H2 Economics syllabus. Candidates will acquire a broad understanding of basic economic concepts and tools of analysis so that they are able to appreciate Economics from the perspectives of different economic agents. Candidates will also better appreciate the economic issues and policy considerations which they encounter in their everyday life. Specifically, the syllabus aims to develop in candidates:

  1. an understanding of fundamental economic concepts, theories and principles, and of the tools and methods of analysis used by economists.
  2. the ability to use the tools and methods of economic reasoning to explain and analyse economic issues, and to evaluate perspectives and decisions of economic agents.
  3. the habit of reading critically, from a variety of sources, to gain information about the changing economic activities and policies at the national and international levels.
  4. the ability to use evidence in making well-reasoned economic arguments to arrive at rational and considered decisions.


The assessment comprises ​one​ ​compulsory​ written examination paper: Paper 1 (Case Studies) – 3 hoursThere will be ​two​ compulsory case studies.

Candidates are required to answer all questions for each case study. Each case study carries 45 marks and constitutes 50% of the total marks.

About 18 marks of each set of case study questions will be for data response questions, and about 27 marks will be for higher-order questions.


8823_y21_sy Economics H1-Level for 2021 (seab.gov.sg)

Please refer to the link above for the H1 Economics Syllabus Content.

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